Supporting change


We make extensive use of Bill Bridges’ work on Transition.  Bridges describes that as the adjustment process that people go through when they experience change.  A number of our clients have found it beneficial to consider the impact of change on their people as part of the change process and we are licensed to deliver a range of interventions that help to speed up the change process and get your people behind change, rather than being part of the log jam.


Our experience is that you don’t expect prescriptive solutions to your change issues. Those solutions don’t impact and are devoid of ownership. Our strength is in working with you, to support you finding your solutions. We find the most effective process for this is facilitative. We do much of our client work face to face with teams and groups, facilitating their problem solving, strategy search or change work. We also train facilitators.


Many change initiatives involve negotiation.  This might include commercial negotiation around changes to contracts or services, or with employees or stakeholders. We have particular experience in negotiated change and we support negotiators both in live commercial projects and skills development. Tailored development experiences and project support are specialities.

A partnership approach to employee relations:

Our philosophy is collaborative in all our work. We enjoy creating something new with clients and together we discover better and more lasting solutions. This translates across to our work in Employee Relations. Whether your organisation is unionised or not we can offer an approach that develops collaborative relationships with employees and their reps.