Coaching & Mentoring

Life in senior positions can sometimes be lonely. You may not have someone at work who can share all of your concerns. With bosses you can go so far, but there are limits to what you can discuss.  Coaching offers a solution to some of these issues and it can also offer focused development to meet current or future challenges.

You’ll spend time with us acting as your sounding board, reviewing performance issues, developing plans, adjusting behaviours, getting clarity around future direction, getting the best from your team or talking about personal transition.

The approach we take to coaching focuses on identifying strengths and building on these.  You shape the agenda that we work to and we tend to take a whole person view of things.  While our work is done almost exclusively in organisations, we recognise that is just one slice of life.  Your surrounding “stuff” matters too.

Training coaches is also a key part of what we do.  A number of our coaches have been trained by David Clutterbuck Associates and by ILM.

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