Building teams

Teams come in all shapes and forms – You may have a need to get your senior team aligned, to think through strategy or to plan a major change project.  We can help with that work and in line with our Client Commitment will ensure that we leave behind in your organisation expanded capacity to do this work on your own.

Collaborative team working can translate into real benefits, particularly in change situations.  Our approach in working with your team is invariably to combine team and organisational issues.  This grounds team activity in the business context.  We also try to make our work with teams energising, fun and action focused.  We can either train your leaders to develop teams or conduct team development work for you.  You can access a range of team tools including our YearPlan® and ProjectPlan® tools.

We’ve recently produced an ebook with some key ideas and practical steps you can take to build a great team.  For a complimentary download please click here – “Building Great Teams”