New Video on Using GROW for Coaching Conversations

Watch our short video on using the GROW model for your Coaching conversations at the following link:

Working with the “Dark Side”

We’ve recently become licensed to use Hogan’s personality tools and been having some fun exploring the dark side with clients, including those areas of strength that can get overcooked and become our weaknesses.  Contact us if you want to find out more.

New ebook – “How to Have Great Meetings”

I’t’s taken a little longer than planned, doesn’t it always, but we’ve published our ebook on how to improve your meetings. You can access it here:

How to Have Great Meetings

Stop Press  - Are your Negotiators getting the best deals?

I’ve been reminded thro some recent client work of the importance of smart negotiation in difficult times. Getting commercial advantage thro negotiating better deals has never been more important. The economy is a train wreck and resources are getting ever tighter.

What is often surprising is how nervous people are about negotiating, perhaps thro not knowing how to do it. I had a great example recently when agreeing a contract for some coaching work. The company rep asked me if I would negotiate on price and I asked him what he meant. His response was to say that his boss had asked if they could get a discount. Now as a negotiator I don’t offer discounts but I am prepared to discuss price and other things – perhaps a commitment to additional work, increased volumes, or better payment terms. This conversation didn’t go very far as I just bounced the discount request, but it set me thinking.

Are your people prepared to do the best deals for you right now? Are you?

Food for thought and perhaps for another ebook?  The current client has been using intensive training and development support to help a project team get organised to negotiate terms on a 7 figure contract for services.  A real test of what works then!

I recently met Thor Holt who runs an Aberdeen business called Present & Personal. They specialise in helping people to get prepared for Pitching, often the stage before a negotiation takes place. Interesting duo – getting prepared for both!

SHL Partner Network.

We are now part of  SHL’s Partner Network in order to extend our access to up to date psychometrics. We are currently using these in projects for talent development and for senior team development. Give us a call if you want to explore.

Ebook on Building Great Teams.

For a complimentary download of our ebook on “Building Great Teams“,  click here .

Discover Your Path/Three Wishes/What next?

We ran the first of our major personal transition programmes a few years back. This was an intensive programme over 5 days, for those in mid career who wanted to step out for some intensive coaching in our “learning spa” environment in Highland Perthshire. If you have some of those big life/career questions around – What next?, Who with? What matters to me at this stage? – then this could be an approach for you.

We followed this with our Three Wishes Weekend,  and this work continues with coaching clients who want to explore those big life issues.

Adaptive Leadership & Public Value.

Cambridge Leadership Associates (Harvard) have been doing some work with senior leaders at the Scottish Government around Adaptive Leadership, a concept developed by Ron Heifitz at Harvard. Our good fortune was to have some involvement around that. Anyone interested in developing some ideas in this area, please give us a call or drop us an email.


Our Coaching work continues to grow. It has become more appreciative or strengths based in approach, finding the best of what works and building on that. We are also extending our experiment in working with coaching clients in the outdoors.  We’ve tried this particularly in walking and fishing hill lochs.  Sound a little strange?  Wait till you find yourself shifting your perspective on current challenges as you get distance and a sense of stillness that you might not often experience.  Contact Steve for more details.

Coaching blog.

Have a look at our blog Business Coaching Scotland for some positive ideas around coaching and being coached and some entertaining or thought provoking commentary.

Free Coaching ebook.

We have published an ebook on making the most of your coaching experience. Click here for your complimentary copy “Have a great coaching experience”

Three Wishes

The last in our series of personal growth events was entitled Three Wishes. Located in Highland Perthshire, it involved Michael and Doris Stillwater and featured some of our work on Big Mind and lots of other treats.

Negotiation Workshops

We’ve noticed an upsurge in clients looking to do better deals as financial pressures increase.  Some of you know Steve for his work in training commercial and employee negotiators.  Others might have missed this.  Training negotiators is one of the most cost effective forms of training we know.  It’s just that next day these folks go out and do sharper deals than before and quickly recoup the cost of the training.  If you want to know more about that please contact us.  We can add particular value in preparing negotiators for live negotiations.  Our best result on that was a client who spent a few thousand pounds with us and made a saving of an additional £2.5m.  Now that’s what we call leverage.