How we work with clients

Our approach with clients is collaborative.  The first stage of working with you is to understand your agenda, perhaps help you clarify what you are trying to achieve.

We’ve found over the years that working with clients to create joint solutions is what works best.  We share ownership and build commitment in the organisation to new ways of doing things.  Others offer off the shelf solutions, but we don’t share that philosophy.

On the other hand we do offer access to our wide ranging experience of what has worked elsewhere.  It’s just that we don’t like lifting solutions from another context and transplanting them without adaptation.

What is your Agenda?

Is it improving performance, clarifying strategy, sorting out difficult relationships, rebuilding your processes, getting more from your teams or working with your personal agenda?  You determine the agenda.  Together we work out what needs doing.

Where do I start?

I have a complex change agenda and I’m not sure where to  start.  can you help with that?

You’d be surprised how common it is that leaders don’t quite know what their agenda is or where  best to start.  Whatever the assignment, we always spend time helping you through a diagnostic process that helps to  define what you need to work on.  Clients often don’t appreciate how crucial this is but we are clear that pinning down what needs to be done is a critical first step.  Get that right and the rest falls into place.